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Artist:   GlassByrd
Album: Open Wide This Window
Genre:  Pop/rock worship from the writer of the song "God of Wonders"

Marc Byrd is a sojourner of sorts.  For years he traveled on the back roads of the alternative music scene with his former band Common Children.  With their brand of emotion-driven rock the trio won the applause of critics but were a commercial  failure.  As a starving artist Marc’s music reflected God’s faithfulness through the struggles he was facing.  This was especially evident on the group’s stellar 1998 release, Delicate Fade.   

During this time, Marc met Christine Glass.  The two began a friendship through their mutual label, Tattoo Records, and began collaborating musically.  Their professional bond eventually led to a relationship and the pair married in 2000.  Since that time they have written songs for numerous worship albums.  

One of those songs, “God of Wonders,” was born out of a time of poverty and destitution in Marc’s life when he was sleeping on the floor every night.  Little did he know that this composition would go on to be recorded by Third Day, Caedmon’s Call, and Leigh Nash of Sixpence None the Richer on the break-out worship project City on a Hill.   With this as a springboard, Marc and Christine found the success that had alluded them for so long and created their band GlassByrd.

On Open Wide This Window the couple strikes a balance between Marc’s trademark emo-rock (think Goo-Goo Dolls) and Christine’s pristine vocals.  The title track starts the album off by celebrating God’s grace which is compared to “a song bird in the breeze.”  Garnished by a simple arrangement of acoustic guitars and gentle percussion, “I Love You More” finds Christine expressing her love to the Lord.  “Mercy” praises the Creator for his benevolence amidst broken dreams.  A fresh rendition of “God of Wonders” appears featuring strings, shakers, layered guitars, Marc’s gritty tenor, and Christine’s smooth soprano.

As a benediction, “Peace to You” beckons sinners to rest in the tranquility that only Christ can bring.  “Through faith we really believe that Christ gives us a peace that passes all understanding,” Marc explains.  “It’s for the drug addict or the sex addict.  It’s for the bum on the street or the crooked Wall Street guy.”  It is eternal truths like these folded into the record that give Open Wide This Window such a unique quality.

- Jonathan Bartha

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